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Applied Behavior Analysis

Comprehensive and Focused Care

Applied Behavioral Analysis: Services

Comprehensive Care

Service Subitle

Comprehensive Care refers to an intervention that seeks to close the gap between the client's level of functioning and the functioning level of their peers. To qualify for Comprehensive Care, the individual must display deficits across multiple areas of functioning. Deficits most often observed include the areas of communication, cognitive, emotional, social, and adaptive functioning. Goals targeted for intervention often focus on problem behaviors, language skills, communication, social and play skills, and stereotypy. Comprehensive Care programs could range from 30-40 hours of intervention each week, plus parent training. Comprehensive Care involves 1:1 intervention and gradually extends to small group formats when appropriate. Comprehensive intervention may also be suitable for older individuals diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, particularly if they engage in severe or dangerous behaviors across environments.

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